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Project Description
MyTwits is a free Twitter client for Windows XP/Vista/7 powered by WPF which gives you freedom to twit right from your desktop. You can do almost all things that you do at, get a new twits notification and update your status instantly.

I'm working on to release BETA 2 version, so stay tuned. BETA 1 is released download now.

MyTwits provides following features so far:
  • MyTwits uses OAuth for more security
  • You can update your status easily
  • View home timeline (include twits from you & your freinds)
  • Auto refreshing home timeline at the defined interval
  • View notification when you have new twits
  • View replies/mentions
  • View user's profile and timeline
  • View messages (private) sent only to you
  • Various options to customize the application
  • New twits presented with light green background that fades to normal
  • MyTwits's Windows 7 TaskBar Integration notifies you of current task progress
    • You can also refresh Twits without restoring application by clicking Refresh ThumbBar Button, just hover your mouse on the TaskBar Application Icon



mor screenshots available here.

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